Author, Anthropologist, Life/Sex/Wellness Coach


Recent appearances....  


Interview with Gideon Culman for Legacy Talk Radio, May 21st, 2015



  • Interview for New Books in Anthropology, September 15, 2014  



Sex Nerd Sandra, live in Washington, DC  

           October 2013     Part I     Part II  


"Sex Wisdom" with clinical psychologist Richard Wagner        

          August 14, 2013     Part I    

          August 21, 2013     Part II  



The Dr. Susan Block Show, October 19, 2013   Listen here 

2013 DrSusanBlock.TV Award, Sexiest Sex Research  


Interviewed by Carol Queen at the Center for Sex and Culture, San Francisco.  November 10th, 2013.

"An Interview with Cultural Anthropologist Katherine Frank" at Slixa, December 2013  

Clark-Flory, Tracy, "Pamela Anderson and the abused sex symbol myth"  2014


Film, Documentary, and Television Appearances

Documentary:  “The Pursuit of Pleasure” (2004)  

Dir:  Dr. Maryanne Galvin

Maryanne Galvin's "Pleasure visits seven disparate women who muse aloud upon their societal roles, their hidden passions and their sexuality (or even -- whoa -- their celibacy). Sleeker and more somber than its counterpart, this doc thinks way outside the box (and the tube), offering the insights of a surgeon, a former sex addict and a sociologist/stripper, a not-naughty nurse and even brazen bowling babes. Their common trait? That "opportunities for deep and abiding pleasure must be seized."



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“Gentleman’s Clubs Revealed”  A&E Documentary  (interviewee)  


“The Sex Files:  The Strip”  for The Discovery Channel (interviewee)


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Earlier Radio, Podcasts, and Interviews


“To The Best of Our Knowledge: ‘Cultures of Desire’”  Wisconsin Public Radio  

“The Roving Reporter #3,” podcast from UNLV, 



“G-Strings and Ph.D.s” by Virginia Vitzhum,, 2003.

“From Looking to Voyeurism” roundtable (video) at the Philoctetes Center for the Multidisciplinary Study of Imagination, 2008. 


Interview for Suite Magazine, 2005  

Katherine Frank has been interviewed or quoted in AlterNetThe Washington PostThe Chicago TribuneThe Denver PostJaneBitchCosmopolitanABC NewsMen’s FitnessSuite Magazine, Penthouse, and many other publications. 


Comments on.....  

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