Author, Anthropologist, Life/Sex/Wellness Coach

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journal articles

“‘Not Gay But Not Homophobic’:  Male Sexuality and Homophobia in the Lifestyle.” (2008)         Sexualities 11(4):  435-456. 




“Thinking Critically About Strip Club Research.”  (2007)  Sexualities 10(4):  501-517.

“How Low Will You Go?”  (2006) Commentary for HBR Case Study, Harvard Business Review


Agency.”  (2006)  Anthropological Theory 6(3):  281-301.  

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“Exploring the Motivations and Fantasies of Strip Club Customers in Relation to Legal Regulations.”  (2005)  Archives of Sexual Behavior 34(5):  487-504


“Attempts at a Feminist and Interdisciplinary Conversation about Strip Clubs.”  (2005) with Danielle Egan.  Deviant Behavior 26(4):  297-320.  

“The Bachelor:  Harem Fantasies for Mainstream Americans” (2004) American Sexuality Magazine


“Just Trying to Relax:  Masculinity, Masculinizing Practices, and Strip Club Regulars”  (2003) The Journal of Sex Research (2003)


“The Management of Hunger:  Using Fiction in Writing Anthropology.”  (2000)  Qualitative Inquiry 6(4).  


“The Production of Identity and the Negotiation of Intimacy in a Gentleman’s Club” Sexualities(1998)


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Frank’s writing has been excerpted in American EthnographyThe Chronicle of Higher Education, and numerous text books. 




elected book chapters 


“Deconstructing Monogamy:  Boundaries, Identities, and Fluidities Across Relationships” with John DeLamater (2009)  in Understanding Non-Monogamies 

PDF available here 


“Gender and Space in Strip Clubs” with Michelle Carnes (2009) in Sex for Sale 

“Playcouples in Paradise:  Touristic Sexuality and Lifestyle Travel” (2008) (on swinging in the US) in Love and Globalization





Primetime Harem Fantasies:  Marriage, Monogamy, and a bit of Feminist Fan-fiction on ABC’s “The Bachelor” (2007) in Third Wave Feminism and Television

“Body Talk:  Revelations of Self and Body in Contemporary Strip Clubs” (2005) in Dirt, Undress and Difference 

“Stripping, Starving, and the Politics of Pleasure” (2002) in Jane Sexes It Up

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