* Group sex will not necessarily, or single-handedly, liberate Iran or China….  

In July 2013, Salon.com ran an edited excerpt from Plays Well in Groups….  Read excerpt here.  Unfortunately, the title was NOT written by me and is overstated.   I do not argue that group sex is inherently liberating anywhere in the book.  The chapter that these sections are taken from explores why and how people talk about and experience group sex as liberating in certain times and places, without making any overarching claims about its political effects.  


* Strip clubs will not necessarily save your marriage…. 

In August 2013, the Daily Mail reworked an interview from 2003 about G-Strings and Sympathy.  Again, the headline and claims were unfortunately overstated.  Read article here.  


Of course, the publicity generated by these two articles outweighed many more less sensationalized pieces.